IT Infrastructure

At Advanced Technology Solutions, we specialize in IT infrastructure consultancy. Whether you are a SME, a start-up looking to invest in enterprise-grade IT equipment, or a larger enterprise interested in updating their existing IT System and Infrastructure, we have you covered. We provide a dedicated approach to the aspects of design, operation, and delivery of IT infrastructure services to our customers. We deliver end to end Data Center solutions meeting industry standards and safety regulations and ensure business continuity in the case of disaster. We also provide Maintenance Services of our customer’s data center and IT infrastructure that results in optimum utilization of their resources and provides our expert coverage of infrastructure. Our team of data center specialists have worked in the industry for years and provide a customized solution plan that will help you meet your IT Objectives. 

Our Data center services include the following services: 

• Migration to vendor cloud services 

• Data center server and networking upgrades 

• Restructuring, upgrading, and maintenance of data center equipment 

• Data Center Environment Monitoring and Fire Extinguishing Systems 

• Data backup and disaster recovery plan (DRP) services 

• Security consultation to ensure data integrity and safety from hacking, malware, and data theft 

• Load balancing to ensure maximum performance and data center uptime